Outdoor Fun & Zip Lining

Fun and Adventure Awaits You In The Trees!
Fun in the great outdoors — there is nothing like a day out with family and friends! Located in the heart of Istanbul (Maslak area) this outdoor adventure park spans over 8,000 square meters of beautiful, fresh pine tree forest. With Xtrem Aventures you can experience “adventure in the trees” on your own or with friends, and family. Ages four and above.

Look up — you will be suspended by cable, wood, rope and zip lines to form bridges is a series of platforms. With each bridge you cross comes a different challenge of how to get to the next platform. These bridges “aerial trails” are spread throughout the forest.

Relax and enjoy— Choose from the four different color coded trails, “beginner” (easier and lower to the ground) all the way to intermediate, then advanced (the most challenging)

Climb with Confidence — The staff will give you complete safety trainings before your climb, and are available throughout the four courses. The harness is double-connected and always-locked-on making it securely attached to the safety line at all times. The trails are designed for your self-discovery, making lessons unnecessary.

Xtrem Aventures offers
Outdoor fun for kids, teens and adults—ages four and up in nature’s beauty.

Closed on Mondays


Net course (kids from ages 4 to 7)
15 US Dollars (2 hours)

Zip line and high rope course:
12 US Dollars (1 hour)
16 US Dollars (3 hours)